This is not what I like to see when starting up my computer. I’ve run across this bastard blue screen of death and its cousins before.




Now I’m a pretty competent guy when it comes to computer repair — the worst software problems can always be fixed with enough help from the internet and the odd call to tech support. All too often people say “just reformat, you’ll be fine”. If a tech support person says that I hang up and go back to Google, because the solution is never “just reformat”. (“My house is dirty, buy me a new one.”)

Despite this, last time this happened it ended with me sending my computer back to HP for repairs, which of course took weeks, but at the very least was under warranty. Now, four years later, I doubt I’ll be so lucky. Of course, this being the second time this same computer has died, I’ll probably never buy an HP Compaq Presario again.

What I really should have bought, three years ago after the first time this happened especially, was an external hard drive. Some things are backed up in New Brunswick, but my summer work, this semester’s school work, and months of photos only exist on that little file system trapped inside my oversized paperweight.

I’m coming for you, little TXTs and XLSs and MWSs and JPGs! I’m still trying to rescue you!

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  1. Anita says:

    “Unknown hard error… You need a new computer… NOBODY LIKES YOU”

    *dies laughing*

    I love you Greg!

    If I didn’t have so much reading on dependency and colonialism in Africa to do I would write you a proper email. *sigh*

    Back to JSTOR…

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