Tux is my new best friend.

Did I fix my computer? No. It’s still broken. But I’ve narrowed down what’s broken about it — Windows.

Yes, I tried using the Windows Recovery Console, which is like a mini little DOS thing that runs off the CD-ROM. “That’s great,” I thought, “My CD-ROM works. What can I do with that?”

Then I remembered — KNOPPIX!

Knoppix is a Linux operating system that runs completely from the CD-ROM. I’m using it now on my laptop. I can access the internet, make some files (like the screeshot above), and I think I might even be able to back up my files. I wonder if I can get Knoppix to recognize an external hard drive… then I can just ignore forever that my laptop is broken and live off the CD-ROM drive.

It’s kind of like, once you figure out how to plug a toaster into the cigarette lighter, you can live out of your station wagon.

Windows be damned. I’m a Knoppix man now.

At least for a few days.

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  1. Robin says:

    Jeff Bailey will be presenting Ubuntu Thursday next week if you’re interested in more about GNU/Linux:

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