Let me set the scene: I’m sitting in the Shatner caffeteria with my Tim Horton’s French Vanilla (because it helps me study) and a doughnut (because, dang it, if I’m going to study it might as well be good), stressing over how I’m going to use the assumption of arbitrary reflection and transmission polarization angles to prove the polarizations are equal. Then:

“Hello, would you like to chat about some spiritual questions for a bit, for a survey we’re doing?” (or something to that effect)

How am I supposed to refuse someone who asks so nicely? Besides, the answer to any question of the form “would you like to…” when I’m stressing over electromagnetic polarization angles is always “yes”.

More specifically, I actually like talking about spiritual questions. Of course I was able to perfectly articulate all my thoughts on topics of religion and science in wonderfully flowing discussion, but only after the guys left.

Ok, maybe I wasn’t that bad at it.

Towards the end the guy mentioned getting together with some people to throw some ideas around, which immediately brought to mind images of the Movementarians‘ introductory session;

Carl: Hey, I don’t know about you, but they’re not exactly winning me over with these lousy production values here. I’m gonna slip out. [As soon as Carl stands up a spotlight shines on him in the otherwise dark room.]

Voice: Uh, you’re free to leave whenever you want, but would you mind telling us why?

Carl: Oh, I just didn’t, uh.. I didn’t think it, um.. oh, it’s.. it’s pretty good. [sits back down]

- The Simpsons Archive

Ok, well, he didn’t mention any compounds or spaceships, so I think he’s pretty legit. Regardless, I have another book to add to my reading list, and a hot tip on some intelligent design talks next semester. Of course that makes it even worse that I’m missing Richard Dawkins’ talk (for the sake of balance), but it should be interesting.

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