Linux is absolutely fantastic. It can do anything Windows can, usually much better, and more. Except one.

I have yet to get a Flash movie to play correctly.

Any other file format, from Microsoft Office files to Quicktime movies, is no problem. If the format exists there’s generally an open source, or at least free, program to read it. replaces Microsoft Office. Change your DVD player’s region without thinking twice with okle. Mplayer can play just about any video format you care to name.

Except Flash.

It appears even the Macromedia Flash Plugin can’t play Flash. Not without crashing Firefox anyway.

The GPL Flash Player can’t play Flash.

A program called swf-player which promises to be able to play Flash can’t play Flash.

A shell script I found that converts Flash movies to MPGs and plays them that way can’t play Flash.

The short story is that my computer can’t play Flash. I guess it’s just as well, since the only thing Flash is used for is ads and YouTube. Ok, with exam season coming up, I guess it’s just as well that I don’t have it…

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  1. lambic says:

    I believe Flash 9 is now available for Linux and solves a lot of the problems the old versions had. Haven’t tried it myself though, never use Flash unless I’m forced to.

    Oh and if you want to watch youtube videos and just about any other online video without flash, download Democracy (, an open source media player.

  2. GP says:

    Thanks, I’ll look into Democracy. Mplayer plays *.flv files without trouble, but I have to use other tricks to download the movie file in the first place.

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