My new hard drive has arrived, I installed it myself, and I now have a completely functioning dual boot system. At least, I assume it’s fully functional. I haven’t gone back to Windows since I installed Kubuntu (Linux for humans with the K desktop environment).

In theory, with a real functioning computer, I’ll now be able to restore my backed up files, upload those photo galleries I’ve been procrastinating about, and actually get some work done.

Or, I’ll just use the fact that my DVD player is now free to be a big lazyface and watch a movie or something fantastic like that. Woot.

Note: Bertha is the default name for any old semi-functioning anything, like computers and washing machines. Maybe now that my laptop works I’ll have to rename her.

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  1. Audrey says:


    Greg’s computer is working again! Greg is awesome at computer stuff!

    Oh! I just wanted to let you know that this guy in my plant class has your jacket!!! But don’t worry its the ugly black version and well you look much better in it then he does!!!

    Yay for BERTHAs!!!!!

  2. [...] As if I needed another reason to not go outside, I now officially have my own washer and dryer in the apartment. The washer on the right is Bradley, and the dryer on the left is the bowman’s daughter. I don’t know who the bowman is, but that’s his daughter. Her name, in all likelihood, is Bertha. Cute couple, eh? [...]

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