Some time ago Robert Sawyer removed the Google AdSense from his blog since outfits he would never recommend kept showing up. I’ve been having a similar problem lately.

It seems that whenever I start talking about physics, philosophy, cosmology, or related subjects the Google AdBot decides it would be a good time to push out ads for the book called The Final Theory. I’ve read the sample material on their website and said what I thought about it before, but it bears repeating: it’s complete nonsense.

Nonetheless, I’m can’t help but be tempted to read the whole thing (red pen at the ready), in the same sort of way people can’t help but stare at hideous traffic accidents. There’s just no way I could bring myself to pay for such a thing, and I’m not going to ask anybody else to pay for it either. It pains me to think that even just talking about it means that the ads will probably be even more frequent.

There are several other book ads that pop up about creationism, proof for the existence of God, etc. I have that same traffic accident curiosity about all of them. To satisfy myself I asked for the most oft mentioned one I know of for Christmas—Darwin’s Black Box by Michael Behe—but I also asked for Richard Dawkins’s reply to it, The Blind Watchmaker, for the sake of balance in the universe.

Free speech be damned. What I really should do before anything else is figure out how to block those Final Theory ads from showing up in my AdSense.

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