For the record, I would like to state the following:

The Big Bang Theory
does NOT say
that the universe was created from nothing

And if I hear one more apologist saying so, I think I might scream. It’s a bit like saying that since I don’t have any photos of myself before I was, say, 20 minutes old, that I must have appeared spontaneously from thin air as my dad released the shutter.

What the Big Bang does say is that several billion years ago universe was an infinitely dense gas. As my astrophysics professor said, it was “infinitely dense and infinitely large“. Imagining a tiny point exploding outwards has nothing to do with science at all, its just a misleading cartoon people use to imagine what the astrophysicists and cosmologists are talking about.

Science says nothing at all about how the universe we know came into being, if, in fact, it ever did. There are many possibilities — we may be one of infinitely many universes (from quantum physics), our universe may be a part of a larger dimensional Universe (from string theory), or maybe our universe has been oscillating from big bang to big crunch and back out again so we are just one in a long succession of universes.

Just don’t say it was created from nothing with the Big Bang as your guide.

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  1. Michel says:

    For the record, I think we are living in a computerized simulation, a mix between MIB and Matrix (each are too extreme). :)

    For the past years, I have been looking out for problem in God’s rendering algorithms and there are many. If scientists would think of the universe as bits and bytes and basic algorithms, I’m sure we’d be surprised that it was actually a few exabits worth of 1s all in one block, then they started the timer.

    Ok now I go back to sleep ;) Seriously, I agree with you the big bang theory doesn’t account for anything else than the expansion of the universe and how it might be.

  2. GP says:

    Actually, there’s evidence for that! The universe has a resolution just like a digital photograph or the environment in a video game. The Planck length and time are the size of the “pixels”, which are small enough that we don’t see them in everyday life, but if you look close enough, they are there. That’s what quantum mechanics is all about. Although I don’t think many physicists would jump to describe it in those terms…

  3. Michel says:

    yup… and CPU speed is probably speed of light * 2 … or something like that.

  4. David says:

    lol i took christian apologetics as part of my required curriculum in HS

  5. GP says:

    Apologetics isn’t bad in principle… unless they taught you complete garbage about the big bang, which I’m guessing they would have, since it seems to be fundamental part of the field…

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