Purolator wins.

The problem with having packages delivered straight to my door is that I’m generally not home during the day. I invariably get little Attempted Delivery notices on my front door. With Canada Post it’s no problem since they don’t even try, they just give you a notice saying you’ve got to come pick it up yourself. I’ve got no problem with that. With the big courier companies it isn’t so simple. They try and try again, hoping beyond hope that someone might be home the next day.

With Purolator, after getting the first notice, I can call them up and tell them to stop trying and just reroute the thing to the local purolator store. No problem. I wander down there the next day, pick up my package, and skip merrily home.

UPS is decidedly more annoying about it. The headquarters told me to call the local store, the local store said headquarters was an idiot and I should call them back and tell them so, to which the headquarters replied that the local store didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

They seem to be working under the assumption that once my package is in Montreal, it’s up to me to come and get it. I have to make special arrangements and reroute the package myself, and I might as well have it delivered to a random shut in down the street as the UPS store, which, apparently, has nothing to do with UPS.

Sure, I could haul myself across town to Lachine to pick it up at their main distribution facility, but if UPS can be stubborn about actually delivering the thing, I’m going to be stubborn about coming to pick it up. I’m not spending $4 (and an hour or two of my life) on metro tickets to do the job I already paid them to do.

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2 Responses to “In the matter of UPS v. Purolator”

  1. none says:

    Purolator SUCKS ASS!!! And UPS rocks….jerks rerouted my parcels and the stupid driver decided NOT to deliver my parcel…..whats up with that…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GP says:

    Purolator still wins. It’s not just that the UPS guys were lazy or anything, it’s that it’s their policies made it so they wouldn’t deliver the package.

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