Every year, on the evening of November 10th, I think to myself that I should wake up at an appropriate hour and find a Remembrance Day ceremony somewhere in the city. It’s something I always did when growing up and want to continue doing, but every year I never manage to wake up until I hear The Last Post playing on the radio. I like the thoughtful silence that lives on Remembrance Day.

So this morning, having missed my chance at standing in the rain listening to that trumpeter in person, I made some bacon and eggs, a big mug of maple ceylon tea (my favourite), and cuddled up on my couch to watch Before Sunset. I love these quiet thoughtful films. It’s about nothing and everything, just a conversation between old lovers, but exactly the sort of conversation I’d like to have.

There’s something strange and cute about walking up a staircase with someone. I notice people don’t tend to talk walking up stairs, as if lifting one foot and then the other requires all their concentration. At the same time, the two might glance at each other to make sure they’re still together. Two will just move together without ever seeming to go anywhere. It works with elevators and buses too, though not quite as well since you aren’t actually doing the walking. It’s almost intimate; a nice kind of quiet.

Is it kind of creepy that I notice these things? I hope it’s more like just appreciating the sound of rain on the trees.

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