Every week over at Be Lambic or Green there’s a scavenger hunt, where Montrealites are challenged to find a downtown location identified by a photo, and sometimes even win a free book in the process. The clue this week, however, came in text form:

So, the location is somewhere south of Sherbrooke, north of Rene Levesque, east of Peel and west of Bleury. The photo I took is of a corporate mural portraying the wine making process, painted on a wall at the back of a parking lot. Just east of the mural is a church. On the east side of the church is a sign that says “Minister”. Beneath that sign is a rock. The book is under the rock.

I thought I had a good fighting chance at finding today’s location, so I put on my gear for a hike into the wilderness of the downtown core and set out.

I had no idea where the mural might be but I know three churches in the area specified off the top of my head. The first two were a bust, but I did find a nice little patch of peace between Union and University:

On my way to the third church, I saw an SAQ ahead with some spotlights on the side of the building, which, sure enough, turned out to be a mural about wine:

A quick jump across the street and I was behind the church I was aiming for. The front, however, makes for a better photograph:

And from there is wasn’t hard to find the Minister’s reserved parking spot:

I found the book-sized rock below the sign, but the book itself had already been picked up either by some lucky passerby or another person on the scavenger hunt.

It’s just as well—I already have a stack of books a foot high on my nightstand waiting to be read. Still, it’s always nice to go for a walk.

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  1. lambic says:

    By the way, the signwriter who made that MiniSTE R sign needs to be fired.

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