The political dork in me is looking forward to watching the Liberal Leadership convention on CBC this Saturday, “from 9 AM until a leader is chosen”. It’s right up there with choosing a new pope, as this might actually affect me personally. Unfortunately, I’m almost certain to be disappointed in the outcome.

Michael Ignatieff has the charisma and intellect, sure, but it seems like he’ll say anything anytime without caring what anybody thinks of it. I tend to doubt whether that’s the kind of behaviour we want in a Prime Minister. He’ll definitely get some attention on the party again, but it’s a risk. At any moment he might say something that (warranted or not) offends a group and creates a big controversy, like he’s already done with Ukranians. (This is the same reason I couldn’t be a politician—not with Sabrina calling me a communist at every right turn.)

Besides, the title tag on his webpage is all lower case. Poor MLA format, I’d guess.

Bob Rae has the opposite problem—no charisma. And from what I hear he’s not very strong in Ontario. I could, of course, be wrong. He might be fantastic. At the very least he gets a ton of points for going skinny dipping with Rick Mercer (October 10th episode).

As for St├ęphane Dion and Gerard Kennedy, I can’t say anything one way or another, aside from the fact that Dion is Quebecois and Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Personally, I want to see Scott Brison come up from behind and win it all. Why? Why not. He’s a maritimer. Everybody else is a westerner. What more reason do I need?

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