… that I’ll mention this negative one twelfth business. From my string theory final exam this afternoon:

1. (g) What is the physical significance of the sum 1+2+3+…, and how can it be evaluated? What does it evaluate to?

I must have known it was coming somehow. Who ever said blogging isn’t good for my studies? I totally nailed that exam today. Where by “totally nailed” I mean “at least passed”, but that’s pretty good for this class.

I was worried I was going to sleep in today, or be really tired all afternoon, after having some trouble getting to sleep last night. I just lay in bed for at least a couple hours. Eventually my craving for a big glass of milk grew too great and I had to get out of bed. And of course once I was in the kitchen I had to have a cookie, and then make some tea as well.

Before long I was settled onto the couch watching i heart huckabees. There was a strange connection between that and my string theory studies, so I like to think the movie ended up putting things in a nice perspective and helped me pass. It’s all about the blanket. It’s all about space-filling D25-branes and their excitation modes. One and the same, oh baby yeah.

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  1. Michel says:

    Sorry to resurrect that old topic, but you will be happy to know our happy tree friend is becoming nearer to reality.


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