I swear sometimes my favourite part of having a website is looking at all the keywords people use to get here from search engines. Here’s a list of the most recent as typed into either or, linked to the page they pointed to in the search results.

  1. all going to laugh at you
  2. november 23rd news montreal
  3. barbeque galleries
  4. clevage
  5. maji yabai
  6. canada sovereignty
  7. araby review
  8. recipe maclaren’s imperial cheddar
  9. final theory
  10. the existence of god harun yahya
  11. aragorn’s riddle
  12. jason and the golden fleece/should
  13. legolas’s song, tolkien
  14. misuro imoto
  15. i hate organic food
  16. arthur gordon pym ending
  17. character frank poole in 3001
  18. fuyu no sonata lyrics
  19. girl named matthew
  20. a separate peace movie

I was surprised only six point to this blog. Much more popular, at nine hits, is the compendium. I guess that makes sense, since if I put something up there it generally means it has a lot more thought put into it. Considering only one page is pointed to twice, that list makes up an interesting picture of

But my favourite? Number 4. Even if it is a misspelling. Thanks, Sabrina.

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