Being slightly over half done writing out my notes for the Electromagnetism exam tomorrow, I though I’d take a break, stare at the wall for a while, and rebuild my glycogen stores.

I noticed a big trend in a lot of today’s news stories. They go something like this:

This is the first step towards that thing we’ve been promising for a long time, and even though we’ve said that other developments were the first step before, this time we really mean it. Honestly.

For example:

  • Astronauts have made some improvements to the space station, which means it should be completed any day now. Seriously.
  • Man gets mechanical heart. The cool part is that he’s now the only living Canadian with no pulse. It doesn’t look as cool as Captain Picard’s model, though it is much smaller.
  • Flexible electronics are on their way! This time when they say that they’ve made a lot of progress and we’ll have a piano keyboard we can roll up and put in our pocket by next Christmas, you might actually believe them. Oh my, was that two Star Trek references in one posting? For shame.

You might also want to note that the UN is getting a new boss, Dion is expecting an election before the spring, some anti-nuclear types are saying nuclear power isn’t safe (surprise, surprise), circumcision prevents HIV (but not in Canada), and anti-smoking ads encourage smoking. What a world.

But more than any of that, I really enjoy how Stephen Harper is apparently getting his calendars from the same supplier as Mr. Langford.

Back to the books!

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