My bookbag is full of my Electromagnetism notes, ready to be studied. I have a duffle bag full of gym clothes waiting to be worked out in. There’s a kitchen full of dishes that’s been sitting there patiently for a longer length of time than is sanitary, I’m sure. There isn’t even anybody online to chat with or good television to distract me, but I’m still not getting anything done! This is a typical exam period so far.

I should, at least, make an effort to leave my apartment. Sure, I’ll have to don layers upon layers and trudge through snowy sidewalks to get anywhere, but I actually enjoy a good walk in the snow. My study habits lately involve just as much, making my way to the library where I get a coffee in the Tim Hortons, mucking around in 26 dimensional spacetime for an hour or two, and then making my way back home, where I usually have another hot cup of something. I can’t go outside at this time of year without coming inside to a hot cup of something. Tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, maple milk, whatever. Maybe I should have another hot cup of something before I go, to give me some motivation.

Ok ok, enough procrastination. To the library I go. The gym can wait until tomorrow, since by the time I’m done at the library I’ll have a thawed pork chop waiting for me back here at home. And here I thought thermodynamics would stop controlling my life once I passed that class.

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