I don’t like new years resolutions. People making them makes me feel like I should come of the holidays a better person. I don’t make resolutions myself, though, because I figure if there’s something I want to change I should just go ahead and do it instead of waiting for some arbitrary day. I did, however, learn a couple things over the last two weeks.

Video games really do affect the way people think. Or, more precisely, video games have shown yet again how susceptible I am to suggestion. I was innocently driving down the road yesterday and all I kept thinking things like “I should swerve over there and roll up that mailbox,” “those bushes will make me much bigger,” and “I bet I’m big enough to run over those children” before I realised that I was not, in fact, driving a katamari. (naaaa nanana na na na na nana na nana naaaa…)

Actually, it’s not just video games that mess with your mind. Watching an entire season of 24 in less than a week (four episodes a day, baby) can only make one paranoid and prone to shout “DAMMIT GEORGE, WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” at random intervals. Watching 13 episodes literally nonstop (except for one bathroom break) last night on the train back to Monreal probably wasn’t that wise either.

Maybe I can undo the damage by spending today watching 20-some episodes of Fraggle Rock.

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