OpenID LogoI’m happy to say that this site now supports OpenID for logging in to make comments (thanks to this plugin). That means, for example, livejournal users can just type in their LJ address ( and, assuming you’re already logged into LJ on that computer, the comment will go through under your name. Technorati, Moveable Type, and soon Wikipedia, also support OpenID.

If you do log in with OpenID, I recommend you edit your profile by clicking “Admin” at the top of the page. Otherwise your nickname on this site will just be an ugly URL. Let me remind you, though, that there’s absolutely no reason in doing any of that, since you can also just type in your name and address without logging into anything at all. It’s just a geeky bit of fun.

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3 Responses to “OpenID now accepted”

  1. oqp says:

    Woot! Commenting only to see if it works :)

    If you need an OpenID account, I like but it’s a little more then just an ID provider. More importantly, once you pick a provider and if you have your own space on the web, make sure you take advantage of Delegation: that way you can change provider transparently.

    You might also be interested in to prevent spam (it’s a captcha service).

  2. GP says:

    Good tip. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with OpenID if I couldn’t delegate to an ID provider. I wanted to identify with Booberfish, not my livejournal name.

  3. Evan says:

    Cool! Great idea, and pretty forward-thinking.

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