Google can do more than you realise, as these hacks show. I particularly like the Google Talk one, which when given a few starting words will finish the sentence in an oracle-like fashion. Since Google is all about webpages, I asked it what it thought of by starting it off with “Booberfish is…”

Booberfish is a piece of my Heart
Will Go On the web.
The Web
The Semantic Web
is a pesticide?
Is a decentralized organization
an international Journal.

I added the line breaks for poetic effect, but the words are just as they came out. After that it started turning into gibberish, but this much was pretty good. But alas, the fickle nature of the web means that the results aren’t reproducible.

I also wanted to try Word Color, which is a program that will search Google Images for a particular term and average together the colours in the top results. You can find out that sky is blue, money is green, blood is red, etc. I wanted to see if it agreed at all with some my own notions of colour (such as momentum being green and electricity bright blue) but it’s a Windows program, and I didn’t feel like figuring out how to compile Delphi code at the moment. Well, I know what colour words are anyway without having to google it.

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