How does one communicate with a song?

How can I put down in words the same sense that a simple tune played on only a piano convey. It is a simpler language but completely different. Sentences become phrases, a few bars at a time or held together with a long legato. Your voice becomes the instrument’s, your tone in the dynamics and tempo.

Dotted half notes move slowly in the right hand, telling their story, while the left hand plays the beat of a mournful waltz. The tempo itself flows like water. The upper octave joins and the feeling increases. Smooth arpeggios contrast the slow melody. The notes remain the same, repeating, but something in them changes to say what needs to be said.

Words themselves are something all their own, different from the language we speak and the meanings we understand. People can use words like music even in prose, or like colours in a painting.

Pianissimo. Ad lib. Cords play like chimes. Piano, a tempo. Base notes cross over the melody to meet their mates octaves above. Crescendo, mezzoforte. There is no voice but somebody is speaking.

There are not enough English sentences to describe everything which is true. Consult your nearest philosopher or mathematician. (They may not know it, but one should always be the other.) The proof talks about cardinality of the subsets of natural numbers. It’s a game of infinities that I don’t quite believe, but I guess it’s not as hard as I thought to find things which cannot be said.

Decrescendo, ralentir, pianissimo once more.

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