I know why spring is mating season in the animal kingdon. It’s because people are better looking in spring.

I noticed this as I was walking across campus today, with my jacket unzipped and toque tucked away in my bookbag. With the temperature flirting with double digits (above zero, for once) I was finally able to be comfortable outside.

There was a day last week when it seemed like rue University, a busy downtown street sloping up the mountain, was much longer than usual. How could a street, one I had walked along almost every day for years, suddenly gain a few hundred metres in length? It was an optical illusion—it just happened to be warm enough that day that I could look up the hill and not have my eyes freeze.

Come spring, no longer do we have to cover ourselves in five layers, each one thicker than the last. We can bust out our favourite jacket if that’s what we want. In this perfect median termperature one person can be wearing a t-shirt and another a full ecclectic ensemble, but nobody is hunched over in a speed walk from point A to point B, trying to race the cold.

It’s not that people are scantily clad that catches my eye—its not that warm yet—its just that they can finally be comfortable and wear what you want. In the winter when someone tries to dress stylish, they look foolish. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear a short skirt to the club, nobody thinks that looks good outside at -20 degrees. It looks painful. In the spring you can dress as you will and not worry about losing an appendage to frostbite.

A person’s style shows through, and whether cutting edge, mainstream, offbeat, or unique, a person who looks like they feel good, like they feel confident and happy, no matter what they’re wearing, looks damn good in spring.

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