I’ve been spending a lot of time on Craigslist looking for an apartment to sublet, and as is only natural with a midterm to study for, I’ve lately started wandering around other categories. In particular, I lose myself in Missed Connections.

I recently read The Hipless Boy’s eight one-sentence stories. That same feeling comes out of each of these ads. There is a mystery behind some of them. Who wrote them, and to who? What encounter inspired them to reach out into the cyber darkness for that connection?

They range from the sweet and innocent:

You might think you did very little, but you’ve given me a confidence I’ve been searching for for months. I hope one day I can somehow repay the favor.

to the slightly creepy:

The girl at McGill every Saturday
We keep looking at each other everytime. We have never been engaged in a conversation. I find you very cute. Do you feel the same thing I feel? [...] Hint: Not that I am handsome, but I am really visible in the classroom!

No thanks, Professor. But then, it is only what I imagine that makes them seem as such. My imagination makes almost every character cute and shy, and every word genuine. Many may be frauds, jokes, or without meaning. I have no way to know.

They remind me of similar missed encounters I’ve had. Sharing a look with a stranger, that girl that said “You’re welcome!” when I thanked her for holding the door, or a smile on the subway. Nothing ever comes of them and I don’t expect them to. I live for those moments. Craigslist’s Missed Connections is evidence that other people do too.

If I were to write one right now:

Tell me your secrets
Dear R&R,
We met in January; Your curvature attracted me.
I’ve crossed the event horizon and there’s no going back.
Let’s make naked singularities.

Time to study.

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