Every once in a while I remember something from years and years ago that I’d like to hear or see again, like a piece of music or a movie, but can only remember very vague details about it. In the past, I’ve turned to the internet for guidance, and it worked then so I’m going to try once more.

The object is a play. See if you can tell me which one.

In grade eleven or twelve we read this play in our English class. It was a comedy and had some genuinely laugh out loud moments. I’d like to read it again, or watch out for a stage production of it, but I can’t remember the name.

It was political in nature, but with fictional countries. Each half of the stage was part of a country with an embassy, and ambassadors and their wives would go back and forth with humorous results. What exactly it was about thematically, or even what the plot might have been, I can’t remember, but it was in a book with a blue cover and there was a particularly funny line three quarters of the way down a right facing page. Something, I think, about a particular ficticious holiday in this ficticious country.

That’s not enough information for Google to track down an answer (at least not with the keywords I tried), but it’s probably more than enough for at least one person out there on the internet somewhere. It’s probably somebody’s favourite play of all time, somebody who spends all day obsessively searching for even vague references to it like this one. I’ll just trust Google to direct them to this page and wait for the answers to come rolling in.

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  1. Audrey says:

    So.. I had a thought.. I have no idea what play you are talking about, but how about your sister? Did she take the same English class you did? Or maybe you can contact one of your old teachers? ohh ohh does your school post it’s curriculum on it’s website? Look at me coming up with all these ideas (can you tell I’m procrastinating)

  2. GP says:

    Those are fantastic ideas. So fantastic I’ve already thought of them :p Well, I already asked my sister about it at least, but she didn’t read it. Strangely enough, it didn’t occur to me to ask people who were actually in that class with me…

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