Whoa. Where have I been all week?

In theory, I’ve been working and studying and being very productive, and thus had no time to write anything here. That might be partially true. It’s hard to tell.

I did have my regular assignments to do, and we’ve been going hardcore on our lab project. At long last we’ve even managed to produce an image of a quasar using data from the Very Large Array in New Mexico. Quite cool if I do say so myself. Including that one, there are four final papers and assignments due in the next four weeks in addition to the regular load. What fun.

I learned at least one thing today.

I needed to get some milk and bread, but of course when I go to the grocery store to get milk and bread I somehow spend forty dollars. Today, as I was walking to the store, I started thinking about some other things I needed—cereal, sandwich meat, cheese—and how much I was craving some carrot cake. But at the same time I realised that, being the clever guy that I am, I had left my wallet at home.

Luckily I didn’t have to turn back, since I had my Emergency Twenty in my pocket. Groceries don’t exactly qualify as an emergency, but I knew I could replace it as soon as I got home, so I let it slide. The trick now was that, without a credit card, I’d actually have to pay attention to what I was buying at how much it was going to cost me.

And that’s the lesson to take away from this. It’s much harder for a forty or fifty dollar grocery bill to sneak up on you when you’re counting every dime. Even if you are splurging on that carrot cake mix and vanilla icing.

If you want a piece, come on over! While supplies last.

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