Saturday nights are for drinking and partying and all sorts of debauchery, right? Or else they’re for sitting in Tim Horton’s reading paper after paper on the cosmic microwave background. It may be kind of sad but at least I wasn’t the only one. It is exam season afterall. Although I think that one couple in the corner did more making out than reading their books. The annual challenge between mating season and exam season, I suppose.

Of course I could have been reading all these papers and making notes earlier in the afternoon, but for me exam season means procrastination season. Anybody surfing around this site earlier in the evening might have noticed things spontaneously moving around and new things temporarily popping into existence as I played around with positioning nested divs instead of studying. CSS may in principle make layouts easier but it’s awfully finicky. I spent no less than a couple hours trying to get the sidebar and footer to play well together and only ended up making the main column jealous.

And going onto yet another tanget, I lately realised a nice advantage to blogging regularly. I’ve heard it said that they should print out the entire internet so it wouldn’t be only on computers anymore. I find writting every day (which, in theory, I would do) like printing out my brain so that I don’t have to depend on the unreliable wetware of my own memory.

More often than not my blog has a better memory than I do—I only have to search for what I want. It’s like googling my own brain. Weird. I was walking home a few days ago and had a thought about something that I know I had written about before and wanted to look up on this site when I got home. I had intended to say what it was here and link to the post, but as if to drive the point home, I didn’t write this post soon enough and now I’ve forgotten what it was. Damn this non-digitized long term memory of mine.

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