Well as usual, it looks like the end of a semester has brought on fewer blog posts. It’s no surprise really. Either it’s because I have more people around to chat with and am busier in general (ok, that last part is a lie, I slept until 3 today), or else I just don’t have much to talk about. Considering the comment in parenthesis, I’m willing to bet the latter.

For the record and those interested, the highlight of the week has been me trying to steal my car. That is, the car thought I was trying to steal it and set off its alarm. Twice. The spare key I was given for it did not have the remote starter gizmo so I couldn’t turn it off, which would have been highly embarrassing had I been in the grocery store parking lot and not my own garage. Instead I ran inside, grabbed my parent’s set of keys, shut off the alarm, and only had to endure huge fits of laughter from my family members.

It’s good to be home.

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