It took me two weeks, but I’ve recovered from the jet lag from the four hour time change I went through flying here.

Seasoned travellers among my readers are probaby scoffing at taking so long for such a little adjustment. Let me explain.

By the end of my two weeks in New Brunswick, without constraints of school or work, I settled into my natural wake/sleep cycle, which left me waking up around 12h or 13h and sleeping again at 3h or 4h. Generally switching from this vacation freedom to a normal work schedule is a tough ride, but this time a four hour time change in between the two worked in my favour. If you thought about it in terms of west coast time, I was already perfectly scheduled to do a 9 to 5 work day.

So my “jet lag” was not your typical type. For me it meant waking up at a respectable 8h the day after I flew into British Columbia to go to work. I kept it up for two weeks, including one weekend. Let me say that again, because anybody who knows me will not believe it: Last Saturday and Sunday, I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning. I’m talking out of bed and going about my day, not just awake enough to hit snooze. It was fantastic.

But now my blissful jet lag has worn off and my body is trying to put things right, trying to settle back into its regular happy schedule of waking up at noon. It’s a perfectly fine schedule—it only looks lazy to people who wake up in the single digits and assume I go to sleep again at the same time they do. The only problem is going to work in the morning. I’m worried for Tuesday.

At least there’s always the option of starting my workday at 13h and staying until 21h or so. Three cheers for flexible work environments!

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