You’ll have to forgive me if over the next while I start leaning more towards diary-style entries than whatever other style I might have had before. I thought I should open the summer with that disclaimer.

Vancouver has been nothing but sunshine for the last week, despite its rainy reputation. I’m very appreciative of the fact that my lab has windows in it, unlike last summer. The UBC campus itself is huge and green, unlike McGill which I’d have to describe in comparison as small and cement. The big difference is that UBC is isolated as a community in its own right, whereas McGill leaks out into the city and doesn’t have to worry about building residential areas and restaurants and recreational things on campus.

The point which is getting me conflicted right now is that I’m very tired from a lot of hiking around over the last few days but very reluctant to be lazy and stay in when it’s so nice out. Sure, it’s 10 o’clock now, and I just got in from a long day, but it’s barely even dark yet. I think I need to get down off this sunshine high.

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