There are quite a few odd things I’ve noticed about Vancouver. St Hubert’s is called Montreal BBQ, and Couche Tard is Mac’s. Slightly odd translations, sure, but forgivable. A little more off-putting are the small black squirrels. I can’t explain it, they just look creepy in comparison to the big fluffy grey ones.

Whenever someone travels to a new place, it’s a common cliche to say that people are so friendly and polite there. I often think it’s just an artefact of being new to a place. In your hometown, you know where the bank is and how the buses work. You don’t have to ask questions much. In contrast, when you’re travelling, you do have to ask for help from people, and it often surprises us just because we aren’t used to receiving it if only because we usually don’t ask for it.

And with that said, I have to say that people are really friendly and polite here. I’ve been getting the impression from all over the place, but I have one specific example: When people get off the bus, even through the back door, they shout out “thank you” to the driver. On top of that, the drivers say thank you when you pay your fare.

Maybe people are just happier when the ride buses that look like crickets. Specifically, the lucky cricket from Disney’s Mulan. Seriously.

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  1. vieux bandit says:

    Oh! Beware! Montreal BBQ is in no way St-Hubert! (You can take the girl out of law school, but will law school ever get out of the girl??)

  2. GP says:

    Is it really not? They use the same logo at least… When it opens I’ll have to check it out and report back.

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