There’s nothing like spending a sunny afternoon sitting on a grassy knoll and reading up on some quantum theory. And I even think I mean that in the positive sense, although I might just be saying that because I like sunny afternoons in general.

Before heading out, I had to decide whether I would just carry the textbook alone or put it in my backpack. My first instinct was that I didn’t need my backpack for just one book, but then I realised that my backpack is a treasure-trove of fun stuff. There’s at least an 80% chance that at any time I’ll be carrying all of:

  • A water bottle, though it may be empty
  • A fan, left over from my days in Japan
  • A deck of cards
  • A pen
  • A granola bar
  • Sunscreen
  • A calculator
  • A compass
  • My camera
  • An English/Japanese translator
  • A copy of the novel GO
  • A flashlight
  • Book darts
  • and my lucky dragon scale

I’ve been carrying some of those things with me for years, others for not very long but still consistently. You never know when you’ll be lost in the woods at night, or in need of calculating the height of a large tree based on its shadow when sitting in the sun reading a book with the best bookmarks ever invented (properly protected with some sunscreen, of course).

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