I’m having trouble with this whole cause and effect thing.

When I was young and got sick, there were a few things that my mom would feed me. I don’t think chicken soup was ever one of them. What I do remember is jello, toast, 7-up, and canned peaches.

It’s been years since I lived at home for any appreciable length of time, so now when I get sick I have to take care of myself, but those same things that my mom used to give me to make me feel better still work even though I have to get them for myself.

There have been a few times lately that I found myself craving those things even without being sick, and its always a bit odd. At least a few times I’ve found myself standing in the grocery store, looking at the rows of canned peach slices, knowing that I want to eat some despite also knowing that they’re not something you just go and eat when you’re feeling nice and healthy like this.

But I buy the peaches anyway, saying to myself, if I’m craving them I should buy some whether I’m sick or not. And every time I’ve done that, two days later I’m in bed with any combination of a headache, soar throat, and fever. I bought some peaches on sale last week and since yesterday I’ve been sneezing and grimacing every time I swallow.

So, either my body knows it’s coming down with something before my brain does and has been conditioned over years to know that when I get sick I should each peaches, as if that might ward it off, or else its the peaches that make me sick in the first place. Which is more likely?

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  1. Jon says:

    i say it’s that you’re crazing the peaches because your body knows your getting sick. You may already be sick at that point, just asymptomatic, your white blood cell is high or something.
    Either that or it’s some sort of play on time, which may not even really exist.
    you know…. i don’t know.

  2. David says:

    next time u crave peaches, just load up on vit c and echineacea too :-P

  3. GP says:

    I don’t believe in vitamin C or echineacea.

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