The summer, it feels, is reaching its home stretch. There are but three weeks for me left in Vancouver and its time to start wrapping things up. My research is coming together, and as some bit of proof I typeset the paper my supervisor and I are writing in the format for submission to the journal. The text and figures aren’t finished, but the idea is there. It makes it feel like the end is near.

I feel like progress has been made in other areas as well. For the first time working out on the erg at the gym I saw my time go down to 1:41/500m. I was doing 1 minute on, going hard core, and 2 minutes off to recover. Maybe it was because I had the resistance down to 5 (which is where it’s supposed to be, say those who know), but I choose to believe it’s because I’m awesome.

I’ve also gained weight. 76.5 kilos, now, something I haven’t seen in a couple years. It might be because I’ve only been to the gym three times in as many weeks and been eating out far too much, but it also might be that I’ve been building up and putting on muscle. Yeah, in this stage of finishing projects and making progress, that’s what I’m going to go with. It’s all about perception.

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