Summer must be nearing its end. The Irish are gone.

My supervisor actually used the phrase “ready to submit” today in regards to the paper we’re writing. It was preceded by “getting close to being almost”, but I still see that as a significant step. My official work term ends on Friday, but I suspect there’ll be at least a few days more next week. The disadvantage of not flying out of town right away, but worth it if it means a published paper.

Meanwhile the less official parts of Vancouver are beckoning. Mountains to be climbed, people to see, that sort of thing. Months worth of pictures are backed up on my hard drive just waiting to see the light of day (by which I mean the internet). Those of you on facebook may have had a sneak peak, since facebook’s shiny and smooth method of making photo albums is much easier to deal with at 2 am. The method to get them onto Booberfish requires a ‘cp’ here and a ‘mogrify’ there, which needs a bit more thinking since I can never remember the right arguments.

Once school starts and grad school applications need to be done, I’ll probably be much more willing to scan through the mogrify man page again during my free time. With only 10 days left in Vancouver, I have more important things to deal with.

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