Firefox prevented this site from opening 72 popup windows.

Thanks for the protection, Firefox. The only problem is, 71 of those popup blocks were from me clicking frantically on the link, hoping against hope that you’d get the point and let the popup through after you so nicely blocked it the first time.

I could swear there used to be a way to allow a popup window for one time only, based on using a modifier key when clicking. I’m just not comfortable enough with the website to add it to the whitelist. Who knows what other crap there might be on there. Maybe I don’t even know if I want this crap let through on future visits but just want to see it once to be sure. The whole process of adding to the whitelist, clicking, then figuring out how to remove it again is not exactly the picture of efficiency.

Ironically, after hunting down a Firefox extension that allows one time only popups, in order to install it I had to add the site to the whitelist for allowing pages to install software, install the bloody software, and then remove the site from the whitelist again (because who knows what other crap is on that site).

The extension didn’t work anyway, and Firefox continued happily blocking my precious popup. Oh god, I just realised—could it have been Internet Explorer that had that feature built in? Could it be that IE actually turned out to be better than Firefox at something? I can’t bear to think of it. I’m going back to my blissful Youtubing.

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