I don’t know how I did it, and anybody who knows me isn’t likely to believe it, but I’ve turned my sleep schedule on its head. Up at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning the last few days and to sleep by about 21:00. Class doesn’t even start for another 45 minutes and already I feel like I’ve had a very productive day.

The sun over Parc Jean-Drapeau

Yesterday I went exploring. Jumped on the first metro of the morning eastward bound and went to the Olympic Basin on Île Notre Dame. I was still underground when the sun rose, but it was a nice view nonetheless.

The sun rising behind some clouds over the Olympic Basin

There were exactly three rowers on the water, arriving just at the same time I did. I sat in the stands and watched them go past until they were out of sight at the other end of this overblown swimming pool.

A solitary rower in the early morning.

It somehow seemed much smaller than the course in Coal Harbour that I’m used to. Free of other traffic and turns and scenery and anything interesting whatsoever. Chances were, by the time you hit the 500m mark at the Vancouver Rowing Club, you had navigated past a yatch or two and avoided getting yourself run over by the Huckleberry Finn style paddlewheeler. At the Olympic Basin, when you hit 500m all that that’s happened is that you’ve rowed 500m. I suppose it has its advantages.

This morning at 5:30 I was out the door running up Mont Royal. Or at least I tried. I had big ambitions of running about 10km, my course all laid out, but it turns out running uphill is hard. Big surprise. But run I did, as far as the lookout at the Chalet, where I saw the sun break over the distant hills. Montreal has a much bigger sky than Vancouver. There was no camera on hand this time to catch the sight, though. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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