A celtic good luck charmFive years and one month ago, a good friend of mine gave me a small lucky charm to keep in my wallet during an upcomming trip. She said she knew going away gifts were always hard to deal with, but this was small and would hopefully help me along my way. Its style reminded me of her and her family, and by association it reminded me of home, so I was more than happy to keep it tucked away on my person.

It’s been in my wallet everyday for over five years. Over the years there had been a few times when I felt like I really was lucky, narrowly avoiding a clash with authority or pulling off a difficult challenge, and on each of these occasions the next time I opened my wallet the little charm fell out. Squirrelled away in a zippered pocket I never open, it was not in the habbit of doing this. Probably only four or five times this happened in as many years, and each time after some trying time in my life. It must, I thought, just need a break for a minute.

Last night I finished a week of tryouts to get on my university’s rowing crew. A series of challenges to test my endurance and general fitness. This morning I found out that I made the team. Now of course I know that making the cut had more to do with my own determination and force (and that there were almost as many spots available as people trying out) than any lucky charm, but at about 7:00 when the team list was posted, as I was getting ready to step out the door to go check it, I opened my wallet to check for my student ID and with a quiet tinkling, the charm fell to the floor. Ready for another break.

The good luck charm broken in two.Unfortunately this time the charm seems to really have outdone itself and has fallen apart into two pieces. The four leaf clover has fallen off its stem, and the horseshoe stands alone. Two lucky charms for the price of one, perhaps? Or has five years been enough for it? Has the lucky run out? I’m going to keep it in my wallet nonetheless, just in case.

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