These huge temperature changes are really throwing me for a loop. This morning when I got up, it was 3 degrees out. I wore two sweaters and a jacket, wished I had remembered my toque, and was brushing frost off my legs. By this afternoon my single fall jacket was too much for walking around downtown. Granted, when I was outside this morning it was 5am and the sun hadn’t risen yet so you expect it to be a little chilly, but it often seems like a few months goes by every 12 hours. (NB: What am I doing up at this hour writing blog entires if I have to wake up at 5!?)

Being out on the water for a few hours every morning before sunrise has been a good swift kick in the pants kind of motivation to get some decent winter gear for once. Layers upon layers of spandex only get you so far. My quest for gloves that are windproof, waterproof, and still dexterous, has been for naught so far. I was foiled, in part, by a poorly staffed Sports Experts. Despite standing around the counter for a good while looking as helpless as I could, nobody came to my rescue. Indeed there was not even anybody in sight that I could call for help. At least the latter fact made it possible for me to do big awkward reach-arounds to get the good gloves out from behind the display case, but it was still awkward enough that I couldn’t get to all the styles or sizes I needed to try.

My quest for socks turned out much better. I checked many many stores looking for some 100% wool socks. Eventually I had to settle at some reaching for the 70% mark, but they also had “thermal” on the label so I was pretty satisfied. We’ll have to see how they fare tomorrow. And I’m considering cutting a hole in a second pair to fashion myself some pogies. It’d be nice to still have all my digits at the end of the season.

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