So November is National Novel Writing Month. In theory, I have almost seven thousand words written in my novel. (The goal is fifty thousand by November 30th.) In actuality, I watched four hours of television and took a five hour nap today. The first three days of the month weren’t much different, although I was at least a bit more active. Homework, which was going to take a back seat to Nanowrimo anyway, has taken a back seat to lethargy. Or is it hedonism? Considering my excuse for not working on the novel today is that I’d like to sit on my couch to do it but my computer is locked to the desk, it’s probably the former.

At least I have more than zero words written. I have the title and the first two sentences:

Gemini Island

“I’m writing a book.”
He regretted saying it immediately.

At this rate maybe I might finish a 500 word novel by December.

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  1. Simon says:

    That’s more than I’ve got. I’m hoping to come up with 8333 some time tomorrow so I can feel all productive and “on track”. That seems likely. Best of luck.

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