His superpower is subtlety.

Word on the street is (i.e., he told me that) he found my Amazon wish list through google. I had done it myself last week, but it was a good reminder that other people can do it too. There’s a tricky balance to play between what I ask my mom for and what I ask anybody for and what I don’t ask anybody for and what I just buy for myself. I looked up my super-expensive wish list from about a year and a half ago, and surprisingly enough less than half are still outstanding, and half of those remaining were just filler anyway.

The only one that I really want now is those wireless speakers. I just want some way to pipe music from my stereo or computer into the bathroom (and no, a radio isn’t good enough). Then maybe I’d go take a shower and get on with my day (i.e., write that philosophy paper) instead of sitting around on the computer in my sleepytime clothes.

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