I wrote last spring that people are better looking in spring. I believed it at the time, but now I’m leaning the other way. People are better looking in the winter.

Maybe it’s just the change of scenery I like. Things are fresh and new, whether it’s because the world is warm, green, and alive again again, or it’s that cold kind of fresh that tickles the inside of your nose on that first breath out the door. People adjusting to that new sense of world is attractive.

Of course I have a soft spot for winter to begin with. I like the snow, I like the cold. I like seeing people bundled up in layer upon layer. A kind of style completely different from the warm weather wear of spring begins to take shape further from the skin. I like this kind of tuque that’s popular this year with the ear flaps. It’s childish and fun. There’s no way to take yourself too seriously wearing a brightly coloured and patterned tuque with floppy ear flaps.

But really I just like getting cosy and warm. You need a good cold winter with plenty of snow on the ground outside to really count as cosy. I keep my apartment a little on the chilly side, opting for blankets and hot chocolate over burning metal coils in the floorboards. There may not be as much of an instant relief from the elements on stepping inside, but oh how sweet it is to settle into the couch under sweaters and blankets a plenty after a long day. I’d be there now if I could.

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