The following was distilled down from a facebook conversation I had with my sister while sitting in the Burnside computer labs typing up my take home final tonight.

Me: We have libraries that are 24 hours at this time of year. McGillers are a bunch of studious nerds.

Sister: 24 hour libraries?! That’s ridiculous. Nobody should be at a library past like 10pm, that’s what I think. Are McGill students actually called McGillers or did you just make that up? What’s your mascot anyway?

Me: Well, McGillers is a common term. We’re technically “red birds” now. Though, it used to be “red men” for the men’s athletic teams and “martlets” for the women. Our mascot is really a martlet.

Sister: I’ve never even heard of a martlet. It doesn’t sound very threatening. Is it at least some sort of vulture or other big scary bird? Because it sounds like a song bird to me.

Me: Martlets are definitely closer to songbirds than vultures… they’re from some kind of greek myth, which is why nobody has heard of them. They’re birds with no legs, so they can only fly higher and higher (like… higher education… or something inspiringly metaphorical like that… though I don’t see why the little guys can’t just stop flapping their wings, fall to the ground a bit, then start flapping again.)

Sister: What kind of bird doesn’t have legs? This is all very interesting. I think if such a bird actually existed, it would do exactly what you said it would. It wouldn’t be able to just keep flying forever, it would die of exhaustion.

Me: Let’s see. We have 24 hour libraries that people actually use for 24 hours during exam period, and our school mascot, if it actually existed, would die of exhaustion before just sitting down for a bit. Coincidence? I think not.

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