Theoretically I’m in the midst of writing my philosophy take home exam. In actuality I’m looking to procrastinate. At least I’m in the computer lab. And I’ve even printed off about a dozen astrophysics articles for that other paper I’m writing. I may not have read them yet, but it just looking them up in the first place counts as research. After a few nice diagrams, a respectable list of references, and fiddling with the margins a bit, I’ll have at least 15 pages in no time, right? At least that’s what the professor told us.

In the interests of making sure this post is actually about something somebody might want to read, I give you this tidbit: If you buy twelve cookies at Subway restaurants, it counts as groceries and you don’t have to pay taxes.

Also, I’ve developed a mild obsession with Mario games, so if anybody wants to buy me a Wii or a DS, that’d be awesome. But then again, maybe it’s just this strong desire to procrastinate that’s movitating me with that one.

Ok, ok, back to the grindstone…

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