[Flip the lights on/off]

I went to O.Noir this past monday night. It’s a concept restaurant in downtown Montreal where you dine in complete darkness. It’s quite the experience.

“Oh! I found more bread!”

At first walking in, led in by our (blind) waiter, someone said it felt like walking into a haunted house. Apparently we all had different instincts. I would keep looking in the direction of the person talking even though I couldn’t see them, while another person said they kept closing their eyes even though it didn’t make a difference.

“Where’s the butter?”
“That’s my boob.”

I was very tempted to be daring and order the “surprise” for all three courses. It’s not quite a surprise in the sense that the chef just makes whatever he wants for you, it’s that you literally don’t know what you’re eating until it’s in your mouth. Even then, not so much. I still don’t know what some of the things on my plate were.

“So, what vegetables are on the grilled vegetable plate?”
“Uh… at least one was a tomato.”

I decided just to go for the surprise main course, so at least I’d know where I was starting and where I was headed. That strategy worked out pretty well.

“Oh boy, potatoes!”
“What? Where? I haven’t found any potatoes yet.”

Even just catching the attention of our waiter (a challenge in even a regular restaurant) was a thrill.

“How do we get more water? Do you think we can just call our waiter back? Um… Fay? Fay?!”
(From who knows where) “Are you calling me?”
“Yes! That’s why they told us to remember his name!”

It may just have been the great company, but it was a really fun night. At $40 for a three course meal it’s not cheap but it’s well worth it. The food was delicious to say the least—or was it my heightened senses? Who knows. I want, not just to go again, but to go with a new crop of people to experience it all again.

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