Just a quick note before I run out for the evening.

Nigh on three weeks ago, my hosting company’s server went down for some reason. After a week of everybody complaining and begging for answers, they finally announced that the server would be coming up again but that it was only to let us recover our sites and then shut the whole thing down.

Booberfish was homeless.

So I searched around for a bit and found a new hosting company (a Canadian one, by the way), and have spent the afternoon trying to bring everything back up. I know I should have an offline version to set everything up then upload all in one go, but I’m not that clever. So instead I’m putting it up in pieces and fixing bugs as they go.

Simultaneously to all that, I changed my WordPress installation directory and reconfigured it to be a general content management system instead of just blogging software. I considered waiting three days and upgrading to version 2.5 as well, but decided that might be a bit much.

And now here we are. At the very least, the compendium and this blog seem to be working fairly well, even if not all the parameters are set right (it’s looking a little too orange in here, for example). I’ll get around to the galleries (entirely non-existent right now) and the other details later this weekend.

In the meantime, please try to ignore the broken links. I’d fix them, but I have a games night to attend.

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