This easter I thought I’d be a bit ambitious and expand my confectionery skill set to something from my younger years — home made cream eggs. Not quite Cadbury style, but more like Laura Secord. Big honking things you eat by the slice.

The first step was lots and lots of sugar.

Several kilograms of icing sugar.

Which are combined with all manner of equally unhealthy things into a nice sweet dough. One third is turned into yolks…

Twenty yellow egg yolks.

… to be wrapped up in the remaining two thirds. This is one time where you really can put the fried egg back in the shell. Suck it, entropy!

The yolk in the middle of an egg white pancake.

Then the delicious dipping step.

An egg half dipped in gooey chocolate.

Sure, you could use a fondue fork, but chopsticks work just as well. I also bought a candy thermometer for this step. Slightly needless, true, but a necessary step in getting a kitchen as well equipped as my mother’s. (I still need a spurtle.)

Finally we’re left with rows and rows of chocolate covered cream eggs, ready to cause all sorts of cavities and diabetes.

And this is just half the batch.

But, something was amiss. Still sitting on the counter, I saw this

A cup of softened butter.

A cup of butter still sitting in the bowl I set it in to soften. It turns out there was a misprint in the recipe (which had come from a newspaper), which though corrected by my mother, was corrected in such a way that was not clear on the photocopy I had. I had noticed it still unused as I kneaded my sugar-dough, but assumed it was for the dipping chocolate. Oh well. We’ll call these the diet, and slightly less creamy, version. Still good.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I did with the extra chocolate, the answer is obvious.

A chocolate sundae.

It was a healthy, sundae, though. I mean, look at all those banana chunks.

So, a day after this adventure began, the final product is ready for the eating. Some things will need to be correct for next year (using the butter, for one, and fixing the white-to-yolk ratio), but I think they turned out pretty well considering. Yum.

A delicious easter treat.

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  1. Dominique says:

    My mother used the same newspaper recipe ( The Montreal Gazette)? Unfortunately, when she passed away, we were unable to find the recipe. I was wondering if you could e-mail me recipe?

    Many thanks!

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