I’ve heard a lot of people mentioning how ridiculously snowy it is in Montreal this year. I wasn’t too convinced that it was really that much snow—we get big snowstorms now and again—but then I remembered that those big snowstorms used to be two or three times a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve had at least forty two landmark blizzards in the last two weeks. I was finally convinced that there really has been an inordinate amount of snow when I tried to leave my building this morning:

Almost six feet of snow outside my door with a tiny foot path to the sidewalk

Not that I mind climbing over snowbanks to get out of my front door. Or anywhere else in this city. To be fair, the tips of snowbanks shouldn’t really count toward how deep the snow is, but it is still fair to say that anywhere with less than 2 or 3 feet could legitimately be called “shallow” right now. And also “rare”.

The shoveled version of my front walk is only mildly better, even if it does call to mind various frightening scenarios.

The snowy trench is home to various foreboding enemies, including pirates, Balrog, and jellyfish.

Yes. Pirates and jellyfish. My paranoid delusions about deep snowy passageways don’t have to be internally consistent.

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  1. brina says:

    I missed your blog! Glad you’re back! :)

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