These last few weeks have been hectic ones for me. Not so much because of a lot of different things to be done, but because of the specific things.

Months and months of winter training and far too little time training on the water culminated today with the Queen’s-McGill Boatrace. I wish it could say it turned out to be worth it, but a fantastic loss wasn’t exactly what we were going for. Well, it was an experience worth having and I’m glad I did it. We were a hastily slapped together crew, some of us with as few as two days on the water for training since October. It was disappointing for sure, and if ever I wanted to use the phrase “pooped and demoralised”, this is it.

My final exams aren’t even over but I feel like today’s race, the last of my McGill Rowing experience, has given me my main closure. In two more days my undergraduate career will be finished, and within a week or two after that I’ll be back home for the summer before moving to the big T-Dot for grad school. One adventure over and another one begins.

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