Trying to blog after a bike ride is like trying to tell people about that awesome dream you just had.

It’s a side effect of letting your mind wander, I think. That’s all dreaming is—your brain finding something to entertain itself with while you sleep. There’s not much to do while biking around the neighbourhood for an hour, so thoughts and ideas pop up and fade away without the concentration to remember them.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Yesterday there was lots to do while biking around the neighbourhood.

And by that I mean there was one thing. A speed trap to play with.

The local police have this robo-cop gizmo that sits by the road telling you how fast you’re going, armed, presumably, with a camera to record speeders. This one was set up on a little stretch of road between my house and my old elementary school, halfway down a little hill. I think that road gets about four cars a day, but if that’s where the cops want to fight crime then so be it…

The fun part was biking over the crest of the hill, seeing the display wake up, and finding out how fast I was going. If I were in a car I might have slowed down, but I was on a bike and so my goal was to see how fast I could go. I only planned to go down that road once but altered my route slightly to give it a few tries. My actual speed going down the hill topped off at about 35 km/h, but I found that leaning my head forward suddenly bumped what the robocop recorded as high as 59 km/h. Since the speed limit there is 50 km/h, I’m hoping it recorded pictures of me speeding down the hill at a breakneck pace. The police will think they’ve caught some dastardly criminal and will be all set to trace a license plate number to send the ticket when—BAM!—there I am, faster than a speeding… well, a speeding car.

about to shoot off at the speed of light

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