Damn you Battlestar Galactica and your mid-season finale!

Here I was, sure that since it was only ten episodes into the final season, BSG would last me through the summer, building up to its grand series finale. Then, they had to go start airing a promo on Space saying “THE LAST EPISODE UNTIL 2009!”

Spoilers below!

Interestingly, almost everything that I expected would get drawn out over the whole season happened this episode. Especially interesting was the sprint to Earth in the last ten minutes. It all came across as very rushed and not well thought out. I think the whole Cylon-Human relationship at that point is not well explained, with one group threatening the other at every turn. I see no reason for the humans to trust the Cylons enough to bring them to Earth, no matter how good Apollo seems to think his oratorical skills are.

I’m a little sad to see that BSG arrives on Earth in a post-apocalyptic state. As I said before, I hoped to see Earth in the near-future, with Cylon-like technology, having been trying to reach out to their Twelve Colony brothers. But, that’s not the kind of material that fills half a season. BSG is about refugees finding a new home and re-establishing the human race, not hanging out on Earth. (That’s why I didn’t like the New Caprica section of the show.) The state we were left with at the end of this episode brings up a lot of questions. I suspect the Earth-Cylon connection is still going to be very important. The Final Five haven’t lost their significance now that we know where Earth is.

(Also note that in this episode, they have acknowledged that the final five Cylons are different from the first ones, since Adama has known Tigh for thirty years and has watched him age, which the other Cylons do not do.)

But, aside from all that, I think the most interesting thing was Diana’s statement that only four of the final five are in the fleet. This explains why four and not five cylons came together when they started hearing the music. If true, it also means that Kara Thrace is not a Cylon, against the majority of fan guesswork to date. It could, of course, have been a lie. It might also have meant that the Final Cylon was already on the basestar when the Three said that. It’s the latter I favour, if only because it would be a huge let down to come this far only to find out that the final Cylon isn’t any of the characters we already know.

So, where is the final Cylon? If they are someone in the fleet, why haven’t they been hearing the music too? And what happened to Earth? Where does the season go from here? I guess we’ll have to tune in next year…. frak.

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