The Mole ends tomorrow night, and though I suspect most of the internet has already put the pieces together and figured out who the mole is, I’ve avoided the online speculation in favour of figuring it out for myself and gotten nowhere.

If Nicole is the mole, I’ll be very disappointed. She’s the obvious answer, having thrown every mission from the start just for the fun of it. There will be nothing satisfying in the mole’s sabotage if it was so blatant all along.

If Mark is the mole, he’s the best one there’s ever been. Whereas Nicole screws up everything, Mark is often the one that saves the day. He tries hard, he understands the clues, he solves the riddles. He seems to get genuinely upset when things go wrongly and gleeful when they go in his way. You’d think the mole would be more in control of their emotions, and let missions fall apart when they start to collapse more often than jumping in and saving the day. Then again, he does have a habit of refusing to do the missions at all for no good reason…

In the middle is Craig. He hasn’t been terrible, and he hasn’t been great either. Mark’s right when he says that everybody still congratulates Craig on doing missions even when he fails terribly. Nobody seemed to blame him for anything. Strangely, though, Paul said he was targeting Craig two weeks ago ended up failing the quiz. That either means Craig isn’t the mole, or that Paul just didn’t have the right eye for detail that week.

Nicole can’t be the mole because she is so obviously the mole. Mark can’t be the mole because he’s so obviously not the mole. And if Craig’s the mole, it’ll just be disappointing because he’s not a very exciting character. I hope, actually, that he wins the money. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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