I’ve had roommates who left food and dirty dishes everywhere. I had one in particular who wouldn’t do dishes for, literally, weeks and months at a time. (She’d often be seen eating out of pots and drinking out of anything that would hold liquid.) Yet again I’m having problems with roommates and doing dishes, but of an entirely different sort….

My roommates keep doing my dishes for me!

It’s not that I leave them there for days. Living alone I might have a 24 hour turnaround time between using a dish and cleaning it, but I’m with new people here so I’m trying to be better behaved and get them done more or less as I finish with them. But they’re too fast for me!

I get up bright and early in the morning—no, scratch that: I get up early enough that it’s still dark—eat a quick breakfast, and leave the bowl in the sink as I run out the door. I get back home a few hours later. If anybody else has gotten up yet, they’ve done the same thing—left their breakfast dishes in the sink. Sometimes I’ll grab a quick lunch and run out to school. Or a second breakfast and then a shower. But three times in a row now, when I come back from whatever I went to do (always something legitimate, not just shirking my responsibilities!) to do the dishes I left, someone else has woken up or come home and done everything!

Clearly this is going to be a battle of wits and reflexes. But no matter how you slice it, much better than the alternative.

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  1. Vahid says:

    So you better act much more faster!!

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